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Guatemala is a wonderful country in Central America, between two oceans. Semana Santa, volcanoes, lakes, traditional life of Maya can excite you, your traveling partners and your groups of tourists. We present you our tours, shorter or longer, things to do in Guatemala.

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Ancestral race Peten 16th Aug. 2014On 13th, 14th and 15th of September 2014 Peten is the host of the annual "Carrera ancestral", Ancestral Race that will be held on the grounds of historical monument Yaxha. You can run between the Mayan pyramids on the tracks of 8 or 16 km. To provide more of a good service during this fantastic experience, Maya World Tours offers you top hotel accomodation in Peten as an official partner of the organization !



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Tikal, Peten Maya World Tours offers the best airfares within Guatemala. Our most popular destination is the district of Peten, from Guatemala City. Visit Tikal, Yaxha and other Mayan ruins travelling in style; arrive rested and quickly. Besides airline tickets we offer daily tours or weekend stay in Peten. You will never achieve better prices for visiting Peten. Our quality of services offered in this domain is simply unbeatable! Read more
Semana santa 2014In the time of Easter in Guatemala we live in a very intense and particular way. All the Brotherhoods, Guilds and Passion Communities prepare for the Holy Week all the year. Everything is dedicated especially for the day of the procession of Jesus of Nazareth, Holy Christ, and The Blessed Virgin of Dolores. Like during the many years before, Guatemala and La Antigua will give you totally different Easter and a Holy Week in 2014. Read more
heli-faresThere is no better way to acquire stunning sights of beauty of the Guatemalan landscape then to take a helicopter flight. At this moment we offer five helicopter tours: Guatemala City, Antigua and volcanoes, archaeological site Quirigua, El Mirador - ancient city in Peten tropical forest and Lake Atitlan aerial adventure. Fares are included in this presentation. More to come! Read more


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