Helicopter tours

There is no better way to acquire stunning sights of beauty of the landscape then to take a helicopter flight. Remember those important notices valid for all helicopter tours: final number of the... BOOK NOW
IMAGE Antigua and volcanoes Heli Tour

Antigua, beautiful city with renaissance architecture, with many churches invites tourists to enjoy here. It is the World Heritage Site declared by the UNESCO. [trekksoft target="fancy" type="tour"... BOOK NOW
IMAGE Guatemala City and volcanoes Heli Tour

Guatemala City, largest in Central America, has many splendid views. Metropolitan area, with more than 5 million inhabitants is located between volcanoes and nearby is one beautiful lake, Amatitlan.... BOOK NOW
IMAGE El Mirador Heli Tour

El Mirador is a Late Pre-classic Maya city located in the Mirador Basin, Petén, Guatemala, dating from 600 BC and was partially abandoned around year 150 AD. It was later reoccupied in the late... BOOK NOW
IMAGE Lake Atitlan Heli Tour

Lake Atitlan is one of the most visited attractions in Guatemala. Surrounded by three volcanoes, offers breathtaking scenery, making it a natural jewel that relaxes thousands of travellers who choose... BOOK NOW
IMAGE Quirigua Heli Tour

Quiriguá is an ancient Maya archaeological site in the department of Izabal in south-eastern Guatemala. It dates back to the Maya Classic Period (AD 200–900). Its significance is in its wealth of... BOOK NOW
IMAGE Coffee Tour Finca Filadelfia

Finca Filadelfia is very well known as the coffee tours pioneers in Antigua, the most complete insightful and exciting way to experience the origins of true gourmet coffee. During the tour visitors... BOOK NOW
IMAGE Texan mules tour

Our resort offers the possibility of sightseeing on the backs of Texan mules in a natural and safe environment, through mountain trails where you can encounter more than 170 bird species. Tour... BOOK NOW
IMAGE Professional Cupping Session

Levels:  Introduction – Basic – Intermediate - Advanced. This session is ideal for those coffee lovers who wish to learn about coffee and widen their knowledge on aromatic cupping. This... BOOK NOW
IMAGE Latte Art Session

During this session participants will be introduced to the marvelous World of creation and design using coffee and milk, called Latte Art, as in the world of the Baristas (creator of beverages using... BOOK NOW
IMAGE Bird Watching Tour

The vegetative characteristics of Finca Filadelfia have been divided in shade coffee (1590 a 1970 mts) pine and oak (1970 to 2270 mts) and the cloud forest (2270 to 2460 mts). The pine and oak is... BOOK NOW
IMAGE Mountain Cloudforest Hiking

Finca Filadelfia has a wide variety of natural environments at an altitude of 4500 feet above sea level. Tourist can walk through coffee bushes and shading trees, admiring the magnificent views and... BOOK NOW
IMAGE Camping in Antigua Guatemala

There is no better way to share time with nature than to plan a trip to a natural area for some fresh air, time away from the grind, and the rejuvenating energy of the great outdoors. Finca... BOOK NOW
IMAGE Paintball in Antigua Guatemala

Five different fields up high in the mountain. With the best gear, eco-paintballs, expert referees and amazing combos. The highest technology of paintball, surrounded by pure nature. Here are the... BOOK NOW

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